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Our Services

MVLP currently assists clients with civil legal matters, primarily in the following areas: uncontested divorces, emancipations, simple wills, adoptions, guardianships, name changes, birth certificate corrections, and conservatorships matters.

In addition to offering direct legal assistance to clients through our volunteer attorneys, MVLP hosts legal clinics throughout the year. The clinics, which include training seminars for the volunteer attorneys who assist, are designed to help the public meet directly with attorneys to discuss their legal matters.  Information about upcoming clinics will be posted on MVLP’s calendar found here.

Pro Se Legal Clinics

MVLP partners with local chancery courts to provide assistance to pro se litigants who are seeking assistance with divorce and other family law matters either before or after they have filed initial documents with the courts.

Guardianship Clinics

MVLP hosts guardianship clinics annually to help families get children enrolled in school and obtain medical and other necessary services.

Family Law or Specific Legal Matter Clinics

MVLP hosts family law legal clinics throughout the year across Mississippi to help families with family-related legal matters such as divorces, guardianships, emancipations, child support modifications, child support contempts, among other matters.  In addition to general family law clinics, MVLP also hosts legal matter specific clinics, including divorce clinics, estate planning clinics, etc.

Homeless Legal Clinics

The Homeless Legal clinic operates every Tuesday afternoon at Stewpot Community Services. Those in need of legal advice attend the Clinic which is staffed for a month at a time by attorneys from Jackson-area law firms.