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MVLP relies on the generosity of donors to help us connect low-income clients with volunteer attorneys who will fight for their rights.  Donor support enables MVLP to provide quality legal services to people in need.  Each year, MVLP helps thousands of low-income Mississippians get access to civil justice. However, due to a lack of resources, too many low-income Mississippians still do not get the legal help they need. You can assist in the effort of bridging this gap by donating.  If you are unable to donate your time to MVLP, you can still help make a difference by making a monetary donation. You can donate through PayPal, a completely secure, fast and convenient way to make a difference, or you can your donation to MVLP, Post Office Box 1503, Jackson, MS 39215-1503.  For information about giving to MVLP, call 601-960-9577.

Donate to MVLP's Annual Dinner: Each year MVLP sponsors an awards dinner to honor and acknowledge volunteer attorney, law firms and businesses who give tirelessly of their time and financial resources to achieve MVLP's mission. For more information, click here.

Make a monthly donation to MVLP through PayPal:  If you are unable to make a large annual donation to MVLP, consider a smaller monthly draft through PayPal.  Establish a PayPal account (if you don't already have one) and set up an automatic monthly debit from your checking account to be deposited into MVLP's PayPal account.  A draft of only $25.00 per month can mean an annual donation of $300 to MVLP!  Visit PayPal to learn more.

Enroll in Kroger's Community Rewards Program: Program where a percentage of your purchases will be donated to the organization. Join today and your purchases will begin counting towards MVLP within 7-10 days. Every time you shop for groceries and swipe your Kroger card (or provide the phone number linked to your Kroger account), MVLP will automatically earn a rebate. Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com and create your account today using MVLP's name or assigned number, 74187. Join the Community Rewards Program today and support MVLP as you pick up your weekly groceries!

Shop on Amazon:  If you enjoy shopping on amazon.com (and let's face it, who doesn't?), consider this:  With each qualifying purchase, Amazon through AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to MVLP.  The donation comes from Amazon, not from you.  All it takes are a few simple clicks, starting with this one:  http://smile.amazon.com/ch/64-0733141 to connect you to AmazonSmile.

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